About Me

In short: I am a natural leader and confident decision maker who’s easily adaptable,  with excellent common sense. I’m passionate about the details and system efficiencies, very good with computers and visually creative with good writing skills. Helping others create and utilize an efficient system that incorporates all the elements necessary for their business is a strength that I am passionate about. Simple and appealing user friendly website designs with great SEO is a top priority when creating and updating websites. Being highly analytical as well as visually inclined, I am confident in my skills for both the UX/UI development.

I have learned over the years in all my various roles,  that I am somewhat of an expert at understanding the most efficient way to complete a task.  I think it’s more of a natural talent and I love helping others create and utilize a more efficient system.

Aside from compulsory classes in college, I was never formally trained in writing, but I seem to know my way around a word. I enjoy personal writing when I have the time. I’m quite confident and comfortable responding to emails in a professional manner. I prefer, when working for others, that they provide most of the copy. I may be able to write well, but I never said I was fast at it. I am however, more than happy to proofread anything you want and offer suggestions.

In college, I took five semesters of computer programming when I shifted my direction and completed a diploma in Digital Media Technical Production. Although I was quite comfortable with my skill to write programs, in the end, I found it a bit dry and needed to go in an alternate direction. I love working on computers. Not only am I very comfortable using them, but I also learn new programs very quickly. If I don’t currently have one of your software platforms in my repertoire, it won’t take long for me to learn it. The challenge of learning new things and gaining new experiences is what I enjoy most.

My management background is expansive and has been the better part of my professional journey for the last 16 years. From in-store with a team of 15-20 to regional with 42 locations. To read more about my management roles and other work history, check out my linked in profile.

With all the “about me” work related stuff aside, my hobbies include photography – which is a skill in itself. I have a pretty good eye when it comes to taking photos and a real appreciation for the photographic skill of others. Along with that, I enjoy image editing to take some of those photos to another level. Nature, the outdoors, gardening, plant propagation and rollerblading are also among my list of hobbies and activities, with an overall love and appreciation for all things living.